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VYDL’s Management is Featured in a new Medical and Pharma Insider MedTalks Video

VYDL’s mission is to improve the personalized outcomes of intimate health and sexual wellness for everyone

VYDL today announced that its management, Guneet Bedi, a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer; Zaki Medina, a co-founder and Chief Product Officer; and Erin Sue, Vice President of Sales and an industry expert are featured in a new MedTalks Video.

The video can be viewed here.

VYDL’s mission is to improve the personalized outcomes of intimate health and sexual wellness for everyone. The company is described as “Your Trusted Partner in helping you lead a happier and healthier Intimate life.”

In this MedTalks Video, VYDL’s management discusses:

  • How VYDL’s platform, utilizing the latest in technology, seeks to disrupt the providing of intimate health and sexual wellness care.

  • How VYDL’s platform enables concierge physicians, urologists, OB-GYNs, and internal/family practice physician to provide a valuable service to their patients, and potentially generate $220,000 to $500,000 of additional revenue for their practice. This is increasingly important, especially for medical practices that are increasingly dependent on reimbursement and insurance led revenues.

  • A ground floor investment opportunity, both for physicians and investors.

About VYDL

VYDL’s mission is to improve the Personalized Outcomes of Intimate Health and Sexual Wellness for Everyone. We do this by placing physicians at the center of the patient’s intimate care journey and continuing to build on our data-driven Insights and deep personalization of our users’ intimate lifestyles.

In three simple words, our story is holistic, unbiased, and personalized.

We believe a balanced and fulfilled life includes nurturing all aspects of one’s mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Our goal is to be a user’s trusted partner toward a happier and more fulfilling Intimate health journey. Intimacy and Pleasure is Life.

Today, billions of people still lack the knowledge, access, and support to enhance their lives through improved intimacy and sexual wellness. We aim to create a holistic story for you, our users, by providing deep insights with our Psychometrician-approved Vydl Intimate Health Assessment and supporting and solving your intimate journey end-to-end with concierge service and predictive approach using Artificial Intelligence AI.

About MedTalks

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VYDL Contact

Guneet Badi +1 512-766-8643


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