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VitalPoint Technologies to acquire an alternative medicine platform with tech-driven solutions to combat the opioid and mental health crisis

  • Strategic Acquisition: VitalPoint Technologies Executes Acquisition Agreement with AppCo , a Colorado-based alternative medicine software platform specializing in research, education, reform tracking, and personalized healthcare solutions

  • Tech-Infused Solutions: AppCo uses cutting-edge technology to tackle opioid addiction and address veteran suicide, streamlining research and connecting veterans with healthcare resources.

  • Urgent Response: This acquisition addresses the opioid epidemic, which has claimed over 1 million lives since 1999, and the pressing veteran suicide crisis.

  • Veterans’ Well-Being: The mission extends to veterans’ communities, providing advanced healthcare alternatives tailored to their unique needs.

  • Innovative Research: Groundbreaking research focuses on CBD and innovative approaches, offering hope for an opioid-free future and improved veteran well-being.

VitalPoint Technologies, Inc. (“VPT”) is excited to announce the successful completion of its agreement to acquire its third acquisition, “AppCo”  (referred to as a working title here as “AppCo”), a Colorado-based alternative medicine software platform. AppCo specializes in research, education, reform tracking, and personalized healthcare solutions, since its parent company, launched in 2019. The details of the platform and brand will be disclosed in a subsequent announcement. 

Robert Yrshus, Chief Executive Officer of VitalPoint Technologies, underscored the significance of this acquisition, stating, “This partnership with AppCo signifies a monumental step in addressing our nation’s pressing crises. By providing alternatives to opioids and pioneering psychedelics research while harnessing the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we are dedicated to making a substantial impact on individuals seeking relief from pain, addiction, and mental health challenges. This collaboration not only enriches our research and information pool but also strengthens our distribution channels, ensuring broader access to these vital healthcare alternatives.”

AppCo was established  with the mission to tackle not only the opioid epidemic but also the devastating veteran suicide and mental health epidemics. Their goal is to pioneer innovative healthcare solutions offering alternatives to conventional opioid-based treatments while integrating cutting-edge psychedelics research and harnessing the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The Opioid Epidemic, Veteran Suicide, and Mental Health Crisis

In addition to the opioid epidemic, which has claimed more than 1 million lives since 1999, AppCo  recognizes the urgency of addressing the veteran suicide and mental health crises. These intertwined issues we believe demand holistic approaches and alternative treatments.

AppCo has conducted extensive research to combat opioid addiction and improve the lives of high-risk populations. AppCo’s primary market includes hospice care, where patients seek holistic and alternative solutions to alleviate pain and improve their quality of life during their final days. However, the mission extends far beyond this initial focus.

Incorporating Psychedelics for PTSD, Trauma, and TBI

AppCo places a significant emphasis on researching and incorporating psychedelics as a potential solution for conditions such as PTSD, trauma, and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). By exploring these groundbreaking therapies, AppCo aims to revolutionize the treatment landscape for mental health and veterans’ well-being.

The Role of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

VitalPoint Technologies recognizes the pivotal role of machine learning and artificial intelligence in advancing healthcare solutions. Our integrated approach includes leveraging these technologies to streamline research, educate the public, and facilitate connections between patients in need and healthcare practitioners or medicine resources providers. This tech-driven strategy enables us to offer comprehensive and accessible healthcare options.

About VitalPoint Technologies, Inc.

At VitalPoint Technologies, Inc., we are committed to harnessing cutting-edge technology to revolutionize healthcare solutions. Our mission-driven approach is dedicated to addressing pressing healthcare challenges, including veteran suicides, opioid addiction, and treatment-resistant mental health conditions, through tech-enablement. We strive to create automated processes that benefit patients while also serving as a valuable tool for educating the healthcare community and streamlining research and regulatory processes.

Leading the Charge in Alternative Healthcare Solutions

As a rapidly expanding bio-pharmaceutical company, we are at the forefront of leveraging technology to provide non-opioid alternatives to hospice patients. Our focus is not just on products but on the tech-enabled processes that can reshape end-of-life care, offering innovative solutions for pain management and addiction, including tailored approaches for veterans.

Innovating for Healthcare Worker Safety and Well-being

Our commitment to research and innovation extends to healthcare worker safety and well-being. Through tech-driven advancements, we aim to significantly enhance sanitation practices and reduce inflammation, ultimately creating automated systems that foster a safer and healthier healthcare environment for all.

Our Vision: Redefining Healthcare

VitalPoint Technologies, Inc. is founded by a collective of veterans, medical professionals, and financial advocates who envision a future where technology places individuals’ well-being at the forefront of healthcare. We are deeply committed to leveraging tech-enablement for alternative healthcare options, such as CBD and psilocybin, to address pressing healthcare challenges. Our goal is not just to develop products but to automate processes that facilitate research, regulatory compliance, and education within the healthcare ecosystem.

Corporate Website:   https://VitalPointTech.comHerban

Source: VitalPoint Technologies, Inc.


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