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Turn Medical raises $3.8 million to advance its Pronova-O2 Automated Prone Therapy System

  • Turn Medical Closes $3.8 Million Funding Round to Support Ongoing Commercialization of Pronova-O2™ Automated Prone Therapy System

San Antonio-based Turn Medical, LLC, a medical device company founded by passionate people committed to delivering innovative solutions, has closed a bridge financing raise of $3.8 million for the ongoing commercialization of its Pronova-O2™ Automated Prone Therapy System.

“This funding is a positive step forward for our business as it provides resources to be the solution that hospitals are looking for to relieve stress on the caregiving staff and improve patient outcomes,” commented Turn Medical’s CEO Tara Psencik. “Our investors understand the relevance of our innovative technology in the Automated Prone Therapy space, and I am confident the steps we are taking now will position us well for years to come.”

The Pronova-O2™ System provides an effective and efficient way for clinicians to move patients into the prone position and maintain their safety and comfort by easily rotating their position from side to side as needed and facilitates three types of positioning therapies: prone therapy, prone therapy with continuous lateral rotation, and supine continuous lateral rotation. Early prone positioning for patients in respiratory distress has been shown to reduce mortality by greater than 50 percent.1

The commercialization of The Pronova-O2™ will significantly increase the number of automated devices available in the United States, positively impacting the number of critically ill patients that can be safely and efficiently placed into the prone (face down) position, while mitigating risk to bedside clinicians through automation of a very labor-intensive manual process.

In addition, nursing shortages are being documented around the globe, with a recent report from the World Health Organization noting that the world may be short 5.7 million nurses by 2030.2 “Listening to our customers has given us a clearer understanding of what challenges the shortage brings,” added Psencik. “Automation is one way that we can improve the situation, and nurses can take advantage of the opportunities it brings. Together we hope to help shift the tide.”

Hospitals can acquire The Pronova-O2™ through either capital purchase or rental in select regions.

Jackson Walker acted as legal counsel to Turn Medical during this transaction.

ABOUT TURN MEDICAL: Turn Medical believes we are making a significant contribution to the critical care community as we Turn our Patients Toward Positive Outcomes. We are more than an evidence-based medical device company — we are a group of innovators committed to delivering impactful and revolutionary patient care solutions. Our experienced team is committed to developing products that provide value to all those involved in healthcare, from patients to clinicians to healthcare systems. Our solutions are designed to produce superior patient outcomes, improve caregiver safety, and reduce the overall cost of patient care.

To learn more about Turn Medical, visit, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Turn Medical and Pronova-O2 are trademarks or registered trademarks of Turn Medical, LLC.

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  2. Mackenzie Bean, “World may be short 5.7M nurses by 2030: 4 report t akeaways,” Becker’s Hospital Review, April 9, 2020:

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