Taiwanese Biotech Companies, VIRTUALMAN and Hughes Biotechnology Act to Speed Up and Optimize R&D

Updated: Mar 10

"Two Taiwanese Biotechnology Companies, VIRTUALMAN and Hughes Biotechnology, Speed Up and Optimize R&D Processes with Innovative Technology..."


VIRTUALMAN integrates AI into drug development by offering precise in-silico testing based on auto-feature extraction models. It is devoted to the edgy development of AI and adapts it to pharmaceutics. To learn more about VIRTUALMAN, please visit https://virtualman.ai/.

About Hughes Biotechnology

Hughes Biotechnology is founded by biochemical graduates of National Taiwan University. Their unique patented technology enhances the water solubility and bio-absorbability of plant-derived ingredients and provides materials for functional foods and supplements. To learn more about Hughes Biotechnology, please visit http://www.hughesbiotech.com/en/...

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