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Shine Technologies and Curadh MTR Expand Partnership for Cancer Therapies using Terbium and Lutetium

  • The strategic collaboration between Curadh MTR Inc. and SHINE Technologies marks a pivotal moment in the advancement of cancer therapies.

  • This alliance promises to harness the potential of radioisotopes using Terbium and Lutetium to target and eliminate cancer cells with precision, offering renewed hope to patients and reshaping the future of cancer treatment.

SHINE Technologies, an innovator in nuclear fusion technologies, and Curadh MTR Inc. (Curadh), specialists in molecularly targeted radiation (MTR), today announced an expanded long-term supply agreement for medical isotopes that promises to reshape the landscape of cancer therapies.

The expanded agreement, under which SHINE Technologies supplies Curadh with non-carrier-added Lutetium-177, accommodates future supply of Terbium-161, a radioisotope used to precisely target and eliminate cancer cells. Due to its previously limited availability, securing a reliable and pure supply of Terbium-161 is crucial for Curadh's continued innovation in the field.

"Shine and Curadh are committed to innovation ... through the use of novel targets and isotopes," said Dr. Alison Armour Tweet this

This mutually beneficial relationship is bolstered by SHINE's recent announcement on terbium isotopes for use in nuclear medicine. Production of Terbium-161 at commercial scale, offers significant potential advantages to the field of theranostics. Curadh intends to focus its beta development with this novel isotope in molecularly targeted therapies for solid tumors.

Molecularly targeted radiation therapy is a new and promising treatment option for cancer patients. Unlike traditional radiation therapy, MTR is focused on treating metastatic disease. Terbium has unique properties that make it optimal for imaging and targeted radiation therapy.

"We are thrilled to expand our strategic nuclear and medical partnership with SHINE Technologies, a leader in nuclear technologies, to include potential future supply of Terbium," said Dr. Alison Armour, CEO of Curadh. "But this is about more than just a supply agreement.

Both Shine and Curadh are committed to innovation in this space through the use of novel targets and isotopes. Expanding our agreement with SHINE to include a potential future supply of Terbium-161 is an important step in rapidly progressing our MTR therapies through clinical development and making them available to cancer patients in need of new treatment options."

Echoing this sentiment, Greg Piefer, founder and CEO of SHINE affirmed, "We are committed to developing innovative technologies and forging strategic partnerships that improve lives around the world. Together, we are poised to meet the evolving needs of patients who depend on these groundbreaking therapies, ensuring that their well-being remains at the heart of our journey. This partnership is an important step in our shared mission to make a positive impact on lives and foster a healthier future."

Curadh is committed to providing the best possible care for cancer patients. With the help of SHINE, the specialized team will be able to continue their work in developing new and innovative treatments.

About Curadh MTR

Curadh is dedicated to improving and accelerating the development of molecularly targeted radiation therapies for solid tumors under the leadership of its founder, Dr Alison Armour, who developed PSMA617 for Endocyte, later approved as Pluvicto.

Curadh has an experienced team focused exclusively on the new field of molecularly targeted radiation, with experts in all stages of oncology drug development and a track record of successful MTR development. It provides global, preclinical, clinical and regulatory consultancy as well as early clinical trial services to biotech and pharma companies in the MTR space who are seeking to transition from pre‐clinical to early phase clinical development.

Curadh has successfully advanced its own discovery focus of next generation targets of solid tumors to the stage where the company is looking to form strategic partnerships to develop its own novel molecules and targets as well as those of its partners.

ABOUT SHINE Headquartered in Janesville, Wisconsin, SHINE Technologies stands as an industry leader in next-generation fusion, deploying innovative fusion technology that seamlessly combines safety, cost-efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Distinguished by its proprietary medical isotope production processes, SHINE is at the forefront of creating non-carrier-added lutetium-177—a vital component in cutting-edge medical treatments. Anticipating further advancements, the company's forward-looking vision includes the creation of molybdenum-99, a diagnostic tool that plays a pivotal role in medical procedures aimed at detecting heart disease and cancer.

SHINE's commitment to innovation extends beyond the realms of industry and healthcare. Drawing on its fusion technology expertise, the company has set its sights on addressing one of energy's most complex challenges—nuclear waste recycling. With a comprehensive and visionary approach, SHINE is steadfastly driving advancements across multiple sectors, leaving an indelible mark on the domains of technology, healthcare, and sustainable energy solutions.

SOURCE SHINE Technologies, LLC


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