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Revance Therapeutics (Nasdaq: RVNC) launches cloud-based OPUL for asthetic practices

  • Revance Announces the Launch of OPUL™, the First-of-its-Kind Relational Commerce Platform for Aesthetic Practices

  • OPUL is an end-to-end, cloud-based payment platform designed to cultivate long-term customer relationships and optimize business operations for aesthetic practices

Revance Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq: RVNC), a biotechnology company focused on innovative aesthetic and therapeutic offerings, today announced the launch of OPUL™, the first-of-its-kind Relational Commerce Platform that combines seamless, simple and smart payment solutions, practice data analytics and enhanced customer service to foster increased consumer loyalty and retention, specifically designed for aesthetic practices in the U.S.

Today’s aesthetic market is flooded with discounts and coupons, driving consumers to price shop. The result for practices is a decrease in consumer loyalty and retention. As the latest launch from the Revance Aesthetics portfolio, OPUL™ is the solution that replaces one-and-done transactions with a more valuable and profitable relationship model. Early release features include:

  • Practice Reporting and Analytics: Comprehensive reporting to help aesthetic practice owners and managers understand the health of their business with transaction and sales data across all products and services – not limited to one brand.

  • Customizable Checkout: Customizable check out options to elevate consumer experiences​, including a comprehensive catalog concierge with access to over 6,000 aesthetic products and services.

  • Seamless and Smart Payments: OPUL operates as a registered payment facilitator (PayFac), enabling OPUL to offer low and transparent processing fees, which helps to increase transaction value for the practice, and provides trackable insights of purchasing history to help encourage reoccurring visits and consumer loyalty.

“OPUL™ was built to address the important needs of aesthetic practices today – optimizing patient experiences and business outcomes through strong customer loyalty and relationships. With almost 40,000 and growing aesthetic practices across the U.S., the industry is hungry for innovation,” said Dustin S. Sjuts, Chief Commercial Officer of Revance.

“OPUL™ is therefore the first technology platform in the aesthetics vertical designed to transform the physician and consumer experience. The launch further demonstrates Revance’s commitment to setting new standards through our products and services.” We will continue to offer the HintMD fintech platform, the fintech platform provided by Hint, Inc. at the time it was acquired by Revance in July 2020, to existing HintMD customers with a phased migration to OPUL through 2022.

For practices interested in learning more about OPUL™ or to request a demonstration, please visit

About Revance Revance is a biotechnology company focused on innovative aesthetic and therapeutic offerings, including its next-generation neuromodulator product, DaxibotulinumtoxinA for Injection. DaxibotulinumtoxinA for Injection combines a proprietary stabilizing peptide excipient with a highly purified botulinum toxin that does not contain human or animal-based components. Revance has successfully completed a Phase 3 program for DaxibotulinumtoxinA for Injection in glabellar (frown) lines and is pursuing U.S. regulatory approval. Revance is also evaluating DaxibotulinumtoxinA for Injection in the full upper face, including glabellar lines, forehead lines and crow's feet, as well as in two therapeutic indications - cervical dystonia and adult upper limb spasticity. To accompany DaxibotulinumtoxinA for Injection, Revance owns a unique portfolio of premium products and services for U.S. aesthetics practices, including the exclusive U.S. distribution rights to the RHA® Collection of dermal fillers, the first and only range of FDA-approved fillers for correction of dynamic facial wrinkles and folds, and the OPUL™ Relational Commerce Platform. Revance has also partnered with Viatris (formerly Mylan N.V.) to develop a biosimilar to BOTOX®, which would compete in the existing short-acting neuromodulator marketplace. Revance is dedicated to making a difference by transforming patient experiences. For more information or to join our team visit us at

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