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Proxima Ventures and Co-win Ventures invest in Bioelectronica Corporation to accelerate...

Proxima Ventures and Co-win Ventures invest in Bioelectronica® Corporation to accelerate pharmaceutical discovery and development.

"Bioelectronica is pleased to have Proxima Ventures and Co-win Ventures as partners as we continue to develop and launch Hypercell®, our proprietary single cell sorting platform that uses computer vision, data science, and lensless imaging to enable single cell sorting assays with unprecedented throughput. Bioelectronica is enabling researchers to accelerate early identication of productive cells in antibody discovery and development using high-speed automation embedded in our patented Computer Vision Single Cell Sorting (CVSCS) system that uses proprietary algorithms and real-time analytics," said Jonathan Hull, Co-Founder and CEO. "By improving workow efciencies when Hypercell® is deployed, we have the potential to truly enable R&D teams to build their product pipelines and patents at rates not seen before..."

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