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Opportunity Spotlight: A conversation with Trevor Davis regarding InfinityCell's stem cell opportunity

(This opportunity is not currently available to US citizens nor residents.)

Introduction to InfinityCell Our mission is to change medicine from its allopathic origins to direct intervention and correction. We will utilize our patent pending technology to heal injury, illness, and disease in patients. Our mission is to extend life by exceeding current anti-aging methods, and replacing damaged tissue with young healthy stems cells that have the same genome as the patient.

When you were born, you had many new stem cells ready to repair any damage to your body. Your fuel tank of stem cells is full at birth. As you age, that tank begins to dwindle down until it is empty, which results in death. There are a dwindling number of stem cells to repair you.

Our goal at Infinity Cell is to make stem cell therapy the standard for preventing negative aging effects and increase internal regeneration. Our technology will strengthen the immune system and introduce young healthy cells that the body will recruit to rebuild tissue so that you heal faster from injuries. This process creates competition with young healthy cells replacing damaged cells so that any malignant cells will now be observed by the immune system and will also have to compete with any neoplastic and malignant proliferation (cancer) that might exist in the body.

Infinity cell’s patent pending technology will become the method of medical treatment for many specific areas.

Over $30 million dollars has been invested to date, and Infinity Cell is poised to become the new standard in multiple applications within the medical sector.

Source: InfinityCell

Contact: Trevor Davis

Skybridge Group


1.929.594.0413 U.S.

852.8199.0142 Hong Kong

44 2045710123 U.K.

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