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Obesity focused Allurion expands relationship with the German weight loss center operator Weight Doctors

The Allurion Virtual Care Suite is a comprehensive set of tools that can power any weight loss practice

Allurion Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:ALUR), a company dedicated to ending obesity, today announced an expanded commercial agreement with Weight Doctors®—Germany’s leading group of private clinics and centers for weight loss—and the hiring of Brian Conyer to lead commercialization of Allurion’s rapidly growing digital assets.

“The demand for weight loss solutions has never been higher, and I believe Allurion’s VCS digital platform will become an essential part of any successful weight loss practice that wants to operate at scale.” Post this

After a successful 2023 in which it managed over 2,000 patients on Allurion’s Virtual Care Suite (VCS) digital platform, Weight Doctors has signed with Allurion to expand usage of VCS across new patients and locations in 2024, including the Netherlands and the UK. The end patients include not only those treated with the Allurion Balloon, but also those receiving bariatric surgery and taking GLP-1 anti-obesity medications. The expanded agreement illustrates the momentum Allurion is seeing with its Virtual Care Suite and is an example of the growing pipeline of commercialization opportunities for Allurion’s digital platform since launching Coach Iris—Allurion’s 24/7 AI-powered weight loss coach—in October 2023.

“As interest in weight loss has grown globally, the need for scalable digital solutions to manage patients and streamline workflow for providers has grown exponentially,” said Shantanu Gaur, Founder and CEO of Allurion. “We believe digital solutions will benefit significantly from the rapidly expanding market opportunity in weight loss, and we aim to leverage our decade of expertise to be at the forefront with customers. Our growth with Weight Doctors underscores the power that Allurion’s digital platform and suite of AI tools have in fulfilling this need for clinics serving large volumes of patients.”

The Allurion Virtual Care Suite is a comprehensive set of tools that can power any weight loss practice: in an Allurion study, 87% of providers who use the VCS report increased patient accountability, 88% report increased efficiencies in their practice, and 82% report increased patient engagement. With the launch of Coach Iris, the VCS can now provide 24/7 coaching and guidance to patients across multiple modalities of care, including weight loss drugs, devices, and bariatric surgery.

“Allurion’s Virtual Care Suite has been transformational for our business,” said Alexander P. Glaeser, CEO & Managing Partner of Weight Doctors Group. “Since the global launch of Coach Iris in October 2023, the software has enabled us to meet and exceed our patients' needs in a more timely manner. The positive reception of Coach Iris within our innovative and minimally-invasive weight loss procedures reflects Weight Doctors Group's commitment to enhancing patient experiences and continuously working towards optimizing patient outcomes."

With what it believes is a sizable opportunity ahead, Allurion has strengthened its team with the addition of Brian Conyer to lead commercialization of Allurion’s digital assets. Mr. Conyer is a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive experience in healthcare B2B and B2C SaaS sales, most recently serving as Co-Founder and CEO of GIBLIB, a digital medical education platform that counted leading academic medical centers including Mayo Clinic, Stanford Children’s Hospital, and UCSF as customers.

“I am thrilled to be joining Allurion at such a pivotal moment,” said Mr. Conyer. “The demand for weight loss solutions has never been higher, and I believe Allurion’s VCS digital platform will become an essential part of any successful weight loss practice that wants to operate at scale.”

About Allurion

Allurion is dedicated to ending obesity. The Allurion Program is a weight-loss platform that combines the Allurion Gastric Balloon, the world’s first and only swallowable, procedure-less gastric balloon for weight loss, the Allurion Virtual Care Suite, including the Allurion Mobile App for consumers, Allurion Insights for healthcare providers featuring the Iris AI Platform, and the Allurion Connected Scale. The Allurion Virtual Care Suite is also available to providers separately from the Allurion Program to help customize, monitor, and manage weight-loss therapy for patients regardless of their treatment plan, whether it is gastric balloon, surgical, medical or nutritional. The Allurion Gastric Balloon is an investigational device in the United States.

For more information about Allurion and the Allurion Virtual Care Suite, please visit

About Weight Doctors®

The pioneering Weight Doctors® are a leading group of private clinics and centers for minimally invasive treatments to fight obesity and overweight. As an international specialist, Weight Doctors® offer the entire portfolio of treatment options in modern medicine for effective, medically supervised weight loss at currently 18 locations in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, the UK, South Africa and Namibia: From Weight Doctors® GLP-1 weight-loss injection therapy, to gastric balloon placement, to minimally invasive gastric surgery as part of the Weight Doctors BARIATRICS® programme: with Weight Doctors®, patients always find a promising approach to long-term weight loss based on their weight loss goal, individual behaviour, lifestyle and medical conditions. The highlight of the Weight Doctors®, however, is the Weight Doctors SLEEVE®: The revolutionary treatment concept, exclusively available at the Weight Doctors®, is the gentlest and most effective option for permanent stomach reduction without surgery, with the help of which the stomach volume is reduced by up to 75% and our patients can lose up to 40kg in body weight.

Source: Allurion Teechnologies


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