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myCaribou platform is launched to revolutionize medical device supply chains globally

myCaribou Launch Transforms How Medical Device Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors Do Business

myCaribou gives medical device, equipment, and supplies manufacturers and distributors a more efficient and collaborative way to grow their business

Caribou Inc. today announced the official launch of their global platform: myCaribou. On the road from innovation to global distribution, medical device equipment manufacturers and distributors face many false starts: inaccurate market insight, regulatory issues, misaligned partnerships, and misguided channel strategies. myCaribou is developed so medical device and equipment manufacturers and distributors can avoid these pitfalls and accelerate growth in markets around the world.

"We are very excited to see the idea for myCaribou become a reality and begin changing the way medical device manufacturers and distributors collaborate globally. We have partnered with many people in the industry to understand and validate the problems we are solving and to help us bring this platform to market, and that kind of collaboration is part of what we are trying to foster amongst partners in the medical device industry," says Brad Robbins, Co-CEO at Caribou Inc.

"Manufacturers and distributors are excited about the power of the platform's ability to connect tens of thousands of partners and enable them to work together to drive sales globally," added Co-CEO Craig MacInnis. "We look forward to learning more from our customers and their partners, and continuing to evolve the myCaribou platform."

Features and benefits of myCaribou include:

  • Access to Medical Device and Healthcare insights with over 600 data points included for each market overview.

  • Ability to source and match with over 40,000 supplier and distribution companies based on company fit, product alignment, and call point synergies.

  • Collaborative workspaces for real-time communication between channel partners.

  • Clear reporting and intuitive dashboards to help users monitor, measure, and optimize channel performance worldwide.

Caribou Inc. offers a free 30-day trial and flexible pricing options. For more information on myCaribou, visit

About myCaribou myCaribou by Caribou Inc. is a channel optimization platform developed so medical device manufacturers and distributors can accelerate growth in markets around the world. Caribou's team is made up of experienced professionals who have built successful software companies and developed countless meaningful relationships over decades of experience in the Medical Device industry.

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