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MedTalks Video – A conversation with management of VYDL

This MedTalks Video at Medical and Pharma Insider features a conversation with management of VYDL, Guneet Bedi, a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Zaki Medina, a co-founder and Chief Product Officer, and Erin Sue, Vice President of Sales and an industry expert.

VYDL is described as “Your Trusted Partner in helping you lead a happier and healthier Intimate life.” VYDL’s mission is to improve the personalized outcomes of intimate health and sexual wellness for everyone.

In this MedTalks Video, VYDL’s management discusses:

1. How VYDL’s platform, utilizing the latest in technology, seeks to disrupt the providing of intimate health and sexual wellness care.

2. How VYDL’s platform enables concierge physicians, urologists, OB-GYNs, and internal/family practice physician to provide a valuable service to their patients, and potentially generate $220,000 to $500,000 of additional revenue for their practice. This is increasingly important, especially for medical practices that are increasingly dependent on reimbursement and insurance led revenues.

3. A ground floor investment opportunity, both for physicians and investors.

Company Contact:

Guneet Bedi, CEO – VYDL

Tel. 512 766 8643




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