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Korean-Canadian joint venture for the world's first plant-based vaccine for Classical Swine Flue

A Canadian-Korean joint-venture aims to eradicate the notorious Swine Fever is led by a Canadian global commerce specialist, Intro Global ( Three companies, thousands of miles apart, signed an MOU and announced the launch of the partnership to formalize an partnership to address economic devastation caused by the highly contagious Classical Swine Fever (CSF).

Intro Global formulated the joint venture and collaboration and brought the three companies to the negotiation table. Over the course of 12 months, a pandemic and zero travel options, Intro Global succeeded in solidifying a pan-Pacific partnership with Korea's largest trading company, POSCO International. Intro Global specializes in technology companies entering new markets.

Bioapp, a South Korean biotech, and PlantForm, a Canadian biotech, will combine their technology and manufacturing capabilities to bring a pipeline of innovative biosimilar treatments, including the world's first plant-based vaccine for Classical Swine Fever (CSF). Bioapp developed the CSF vaccine and is licensing it to North and South American markets with PlantForm.

"Today marks a turning point in the fight against a little recognized scourge that drains billions of dollars from the global economy," said Nate Habermeyer, APR, CCI, Chair, Intro Global. "The joint venture between Platform and Bioapp is a perfect example of Intro Global fulfilling our mission is to help companies enter new markets and expand their businesses globally."

CSF spreads rapidly and can cause devastating health and economic impacts and is considered to be the largest issue in the global swine industry today. The disease is especially troublesome in developing economies and can cause disruptions in the international trade of pigs and products derived from pigs.

"This is an important milestone for PlantForm as we continue to expand into new markets and explore new opportunities for plant-made pharmaceuticals generally and for our versatile vivoXPRESS® platform," said Dr. Don Stewart, PlantForm President and CEO. "PlantForm is proud to partner with Bioapp and POSCO for this project to provide an effective, low-cost vaccine to combat CFS and to improve animal health and welfare in the agriculture sector."

Bioapp was created by Dr. Eun-Ju Sohn from Pohang University and PlantForm Corporation through the work of Dr. Chris Hall from the University of Guelph. Both were focused on Plant Manufactured Pharmaceuticals and both were studying the production of molecules in tobacco plants. Bioapp has focused on development of antigens leading to the CSF vaccine while PlantForm has expertise on the antibody side and has focused on producing pharmaceutical drugs.

About Intro Global ( Intro Global is the future of international business advisory specializing in global market entry, go-to-market optimization, and foreign market growth strategies. We partner with innovative companies in biotech, artificial intelligence, machine learning, fintech, big data and others to develop omnichannel strategies to drive sales volume, value, and velocity. We collaborate closely with US and Asian investors to fulfill capital requirements for global expansion. Intro Global has offices in Toronto (HQ), Seoul, Beijing, and Goa (India)

About PlantForm Corporation ( PlantForm Corporation is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the rapid development and production of biosimilar and specialty antibodies and proteins using the company's proprietary vivoXPRESS® platform. The plant-based vivoXPRESS® system makes it easier, faster and less expensive to produce biologics for approved and novel indications. PlantForm has an expanding portfolio of patents in seven families to protect both the core platform technology and products in development.

About Bioapp ( Bioapp started operations in 2011 and made history with the world's first CSF Green Marker Vaccine, which is necessary to eradicate classical swine fever. Currently, all of the R&D staff are doing their best for vaccine development against ASF & FMD. A plant vaccine for COVID-19 is in development with Hanmi Science Co. Ltd.

About POSCO INTERNATIONAL ( POSCO INTERNATIONAL has played a leading role in Korea's economic development through export enlargement. It mainly operates international trade, development and management of infrastructure, resource development. An international network of more than 80 subsidiaries across the world, POSCO INTERNATIONAL is establishing value chains in various areas of business including steel, energy, agro-commodities, chemical products, machinery parts, infrastructure, and so on, discovering sustainable business models.

SOURCE 2505107 Ontario Inc. (DBA Intro Global)

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