JADAK announces integrated secure access module for iClass and Prox encrypted badge reading in medic

Jadak, a business unit of Novanta Corporation (“Novanta”), announces the release of the ThingMagic M3e LF/HF RFID Secure Module enabled with theability to read iClass and Prox encrypted badges in medical devices. Part of the JADAK Secure Access family of products, ThingMagic M3e developed in partnership with HID Global, is a compact module enabled with HID protocols which support several High Frequency (HF) RFID and Low Frequency (LF) RFID protocols including HID Seos, HID iClass as well as NXP and EM-Micro tags. JADAK will work closely with leading medical device OEM manufacturers to embed the module within medical devices that are sold to hospital and healthcare systems worldwide...

112020 JADAK announces integrated secure
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