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Incisive Genetics raises seed financing of $2.5 million to target CRISPR-based gene therapies

Incisive Genetics Inc. ("IG"), a privately held biotech company specializing in the research and development of a novel non-viral delivery platform for targeted CRISPR-based gene therapies, announced the close of its $2.5 million seed financing. The financing syndicate was led by investors Noel Hall and Sandra MacPherson of the MacHall group and Haig Farris, OC.

"We are grateful to have our founding investment syndicate's continued support and have achieved significant milestones to trigger this financing," stated Dr. Blair R. Leavitt, co-founder and CEO of Incisive Genetics. "We look forward to continued growth, and we are well positioned to achieve multiple value inflection points and to further develop novel therapies with our Incisive Delivery SystemÔ."

This funding will enable Incisive Genetics to develop its manufacturing process and capabilities, advance key studies to enhance its gene editing delivery platform technology, and further add to its intellectual property portfolio.

"Sandra, Haig and I are excited to see the progress IG has already made. We are confident this next phase of research will further position IG's platform as one of the most promising delivery systems for realising the potential of gene editing technology," said Mr. Hall. Haig Farris noted that "Vancouver is continuing to make progress to become a leading biotech center in Canada. Incisive's advancement of high quality research towards the clinic with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of patients with genetic disorders is evidence of this progress."

About Incisive Genetics Inc. Incisive Genetics, a privately held biotechnology company based in Vancouver, Canada, was established in 2018. IG is focused on developing a cutting-edge non-viral delivery platform for genetic therapies. This disruptive and transformational delivery platform enables a one-step encapsulation of the active CRISPR components within lipid nanoparticles. The Company's pre-clinical pipeline includes programs addressing neurologic and ocular genetic diseases. IG is actively seeking partnerships with pharmaceutical companies developing gene therapies to be enabled by its novel delivery platform.

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