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FREE WEBINAR: Rebuild internal processes to meet physician’s digital expectations

The new digital Medical Affairs: Rebuild internal processes to meet physician’s digital expectations

FREE WEBINAR · Tuesday May 18th, 2021 · 10am ET / 3pm BST / 4pm CET

Webinar Link:

We’ve all witnessed the explosion of digital demand and content in the past year. But almost 50% of physicians say they are unhappy with pharma’s digital interactions since the pandemic began. Physicians and HCPS are also the customers of Netflix, Google and Amazon, which have set expectations for user experience and content types. While pharma has made progress on these fronts, physicians expectations are still not being met.

The good news is that the opportunity is larger than ever before to connect with physicians on a deeper level – and your work over the last year has created a solid foundation. But you must embrace further change, and it starts with your internal processes.

You must align from local to global on quality content creation and delivery, spearheaded by medical with support from marketing and compliance. You must understand customer need and re-engineer the digital capabilities of your Medical Affairs team to meet them. Most of all, you must holistically redesign how you share key Medical information to make it easy to access and use for HCPs.

Join this webinar to learn how your Medical team can transform internal processes to revolutionise your external customer engagement.

Key learnings include:

  • How to champion internally new approaches to Medical content creation and delivery

  • The digital capabilities you must build to deliver value to physicians

  • How to create a content platform that exceeds the expectations of your physicians


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