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Clario invests in new technology to reduce translation times for clinical trials

Leading clinical trial endpoint technology provider sets ambitious targets to reduce translation timelines by 20-30% with investment in new technology and processes

Clario, a technology company that delivers the leading endpoint technology solutions for decentralized (DCT), hybrid and site-based clinical trials, today announced an investment in new translation service technology – the Clario Translation Workbench – to reduce translation times by 20-30% which will speed up eCOA study start-up and increase global patient access to clinical trials.

“Our clients need to deploy studies in multiple countries and ensure patients have access to accurate and timely translations of their electronic clinical outcomes assessments. This is critical to a successful study. With Clario’s global reach and this investment in technology and process to reduce translation times, we can help increase patient access and speed up overall study set-up times,” said Andy Cooper, EVP eCOA & Trial Enablement.

The Translation Workbench will:

  • Use new technology to reduce the time spent in communications between the Translation vendor and Clario

  • Reduce the burdensome processes associated with generating accurate screenshots and translations of the related screens on eCOA applications

  • Reduce defects, and minimize human error through investment in automation and a new centralized data platform

Clients need reliable translation services to launch studies in multiple countries and reach a diverse patient population. However, they often face delays and challenges with the technical nature of the work. A key focus of the investment is to reduce the number of manual steps often needed in the technical and complex process of delivering accurate translations. Clario’s new Translation Workbench technology has been developed and released to directly address those problems.

About Clario

For nearly 50 years, Clario has been delivering the leading endpoint technology solutions for clinical trials. Through experience gained from over 19,000 clinical trials delivered in support of 870 regulatory approvals, Clario fuses scientific expertise and global scale into the broadest endpoint technology platform to empower pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device partners to transform lives. Clario’s Trial Anywhere™ solutions have been powering hybrid and decentralized clinical trials (DCT) for over 15 years, enabling sponsors to collect high-quality endpoint data from any modality or location, all while improving the patient experience. Clario has 30 facilities in nine countries across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.



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