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Centogene Intends to "enable the cure" of 100 rare diseases within the next 10 years

  • Company outlines significant value creation potential to contribute to the diagnosis of rare diseases and to enable the development of novel therapeutics

  • Focuses on leveraging its unique rare disease-centric Bio/Databank to accelerate orphan drug development in partnership with bio-/pharmaceutical companies

  • Clear priorities set for therapeutic disease areas, focusing on rare neurological (CNS) and metabolic disorders

  • Mid-term targets set to reach 1 million patients in Bio/Databank and 10 full disease models for rare disease R&D partnering

Centogene N.V. (Nasdaq: CNTG), a commercial-stage company focused on generating data-driven insights to diagnose, understand, and treat rare diseases, will hold its first Virtual Investor Event, presented by its newly formed executive team.

Andrin Oswald, M.D., Chief Executive Officer at CENTOGENE, stated, “Over the past 15 years, CENTOGENE has built a unique expertise and has become the leading data-driven insights provider purely focused on rare genetic diseases. We are now embarking on our next growth phase – enabling the cure of 100 rare diseases within the next 10 years. This represents the potential to significantly contribute to reducing the burden of rare diseases.”

“This next chapter is powered by our unparalleled genomics knowledge, the world’s largest rare disease-centric Bio/Databank, global footprint, and strong established network of physicians, partners, and patients. Together with our AI and multiomic tools, this puts us at the focal point of precision medicine for genetically linked rare diseases – driven by the ability to unlock the complexities of patients’ biology to diagnose, understand, and treat these diseases effectively. As the rare disease market is vast and often overlooked, and as our capabilities will contribute significantly to the sector, we believe that this new focus will offer substantial possibilities for value creation.”

Diagnose. Understand. Treat. Founded in 2006, CENTOGENE has long been known for its expertise in the field of rare disease genetics – helping over 600,000 patients and building a rare disease-centric Bio/Databank. Aspiring to reduce the heavy burden of rare diseases through data-driven insights, the Company has established itself as the leading partner of choice for patients, physicians, and pharma partners.

At the Virtual Investor Event, the Company will announce its strategic multi-pronged approach to diagnose, understand, and treat rare diseases by finding, connecting, and investigating patients and their biology from around the world.

Strategic Priorities to Accelerate the Discovery, Development, and Access to Orphan Drugs

  • Focus on building the Company’s Bio/Databank with multimodal data for prioritized disease areas; mid-term target of over 1 million patients

  • Further establish multiomic platform to overcome the diverse challenges of diagnostics, patient identification, clinical trials, and drug discovery and development

  • Develop 10 full disease models, including cell lines within the mid-term

  • Partner in therapeutic focus areas, including two major strategic partnership deals towards enabling therapy development within the next years

  • Initial priority diseases in the areas of metabolic and neurological disorders include Gaucher and genetic Parkinson’s disease

While the Company continues to drive targeted innovation, its priorities remain the same: investing and building its Diagnostics and Pharma segments to transform the science of clinical and genetic data into medical solutions for rare disease patients. In both of CENTOGENE’s core business segments, the Company has established unique positioning and has laid the foundation for growth and impact expected in the near-, mid-, and long-term. Leveraging its rare disease expertise while expanding technology capabilities, CENTOGENE is confident about its path to enabling the cure of 100 rare diseases. About CENTOGENE CENTOGENE engages in diagnosis and research around rare diseases transforming real-world clinical, genetic, and multiomic data to diagnose, understand, and treat rare diseases. Our goal is to bring rationality to treatment decisions and to accelerate the development of new orphan drugs by using our extensive rare disease knowledge and data. CENTOGENE has developed a global proprietary rare disease platform based on our real-world data repository with over 3.9 billion weighted data points from approximately 600,000 patients representing over 120 different countries as of December 31, 2020.

The Company’s platform includes epidemiologic, phenotypic, and genetic data that reflects a global population, as well as a biobank of patients’ blood samples and cell cultures.

CENTOGENE believes this represents the only platform focused on comprehensive analysis of multi-level data to improve the understanding of rare hereditary diseases. It allows for better identification and stratification of patients and their underlying diseases to enable and accelerate discovery, development, and access to orphan drugs.

As of December 31, 2020, the Company collaborated with over 30 pharmaceutical partners.


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