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Amcyte Pharma launches nasal spray to reduce COVID transmission

Study Publication: Algae-Derived Nasal Spray Effective as Prophylaxis in Reducing COVID Infection Among ICU Staff

Amcyte Pharma, a Seattle-based company dedicated to the development of novel pharmaceutical products in immunology, announced the U.S. launch of its Nasitrol® nasal spray for sinus irrigation. In an independent clinical trial published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of General Medicine, Nasitrol reduced COVID transmission among ICU staff by nearly 80%, suggesting it could represent a safe and effective prophylaxis to prevent transmission of COVID-19. Nasitrol is a patented nasal spray based on iota carrageenan, a sulfate polysaccharide synthesized by red algae, with demonstrated antiviral activity and clinical efficacy as a nasal spray in the treatment of the common cold. The nasal cavity and the rhinopharynx are key sites of the initial replication of SARS-CoV-2. Iota-carrageenan is thought to exert antiviral activity through its interaction with the viral surface, preventing viral entry and capturing viral particles released by infected cells. Nasitrol is designed to reduce the viral load in upper respiratory airways, preventing viruses from proliferating and spreading into the lungs.

“We are excited to be commercializing Nasitrol nasal spray, a product that has shown such promise as a prophylaxis against COVID transmission, in addition to vaccination, hand hygiene, use of personal protective equipment and social distancing,” said Dr. Gustavo Mahler, CEO of Amcyte Pharma.

The clinical study was conducted at 8 hospital ICUs with a sample of 394 clinically healthy physicians, nurses and other medical professionals who provided care to COVID patients and who had not yet been vaccinated. Study subjects were randomly assigned to receive four daily doses of Nasitrol spray or placebo for 21 days. The incidence of COVID-19 infection, as detected with PCR testing, was significantly lower in the Nasitrol group compared with placebo (1.0% vs 5.0%), a reduction in risk of 79.8%. The study was led by Dr. Juan M. Figueroa of The Cesar Milstein Research Institute in Argentina.

Nasitrol is the only nasal spray based on iota carrageenan available in the US. Nasitrol is available through the company’s web site or by contacting the company at (800) 217-0441 or

About Amcyte Pharma Amcyte’s team has over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. The company has built strong partnerships with leading academic institutions and clinical groups to develop novel indications for its portfolio of products. Amcyte’s pipeline includes over-the-counter products with improved therapeutic profiles against existing treatments.

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