ABclonal Biotechnology Acquires Yurogen Biosystems to Better Serve Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical...

ABclonal Biotechnology Acquires Yurogen Biosystems to Better Serve Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical Researchers Worldwide

"...The acquisition allows ABclonal to produce recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies using Yurogen's proprietary monoclonal antibody production platform, SMabTM. The single-B-cell-based technology enables high-throughput development of high-affinity, high-specificity monoclonal antibodies, significantly surpassing production capabilities of traditional technologies like hybridoma and phage display. The expansion of recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibody products and services enables ABclonal to fully embrace the in vitro diagnostic and antibody drug discovery markets worldwide."

"Recombinant monoclonal antibodies are the future of diagnostic and pharmaceutical research," said Zack Wu, chief executive officer at ABclonal. "In the medical research community, there is an increasing need for reagents with little to no batch-to-batch variation because of the rising demand for experiment replicability. Traditional antibodies such as polyclonal antibodies and hybridoma-based monoclonal antibodies simply cannot meet the requirements in the market. Because of that, the industry is experiencing an important transformation – a shift from traditional rabbit polyclonal antibodies and mouse hybridoma toward recombinant monoclonal antibodies."

030521 Biotechnology Acquires Yurogen B
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