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AI Connect Marketing Programs

With our decades of industry experience, we're best described as marketing strategists and implementers.


Our programs are not lead generation programs, but are all about "making things happen."

Our programs combine the impact and credibility of a MedTalks video interview with our proprietary distribution. 


Understanding that there is no marketing direction that is appropriate for all companies, we customize our programs based on a company's business and financial objectives.


While we are best known for our targeting and distribution, we can also distribute MedTalks videos through our Medical and Pharma Insider website, to our proprietary distribution lists, and selective social media. 

In addition to our AI-enabled targeting, we can also distribute your MedTalks video: 


1. At the Medical and Pharma Insider with our registered members receiving an email alert. (24,000+) 


2. Through select social media, including groups at LinkedIn that we sponsor.

3. If your company has investment or financial objectives, we can also distribute your MedTalks video to our proprietary email list of private equity, venture capital, angel, strategic, family office, and high-net-worth investors. (7000+)

If your company has business or financial objectives, let's have a call.
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Typical Company Objectives Include:


  • General exposure, including to potential customers or partners for products, services, technology, or research and development.

  • Exposure to targeted venture capital, private equity, family office, angel, strategic or high-net-worth investors.

  • Obtaining strategic or financial partners for research, development, manufacturing, marketing or distribution.

  • Generating exposure for  company news, including using a MedTalks video interview to further explain recent company news or developments, and the implication of the news on the company's future.

  • Announcing or obtaining exposure for products, services, or technology.

Our AI-Enabled Targeting and Distribution


We use our proprietary artificial intelligence-enabled targeting to identify appropriate recipients based on factors including:


  • Industry and Sector

  • Job titles

  • Number of employees

Cross-Border Business and Financial Objectives

A specialty is our targeted distribution to enable companies to achieve global objectives. These objectives can include:

  • Obtaining strategic partners

  • Marketing, sales and distribution

  • Licensing of technology, products or services

  • Private equity, family office, strategic and venture capital investment.

Our management has assisted companies with their business and financial objectives in countries including,Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the EU, and of course, the US, where we are based.

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Our Data Mining and Targeting​:

Artificial intelligence driven email, online digital, and social media targeting and distribution. 


Key to our AI Connect Marketing Program is our use of proprietary artifical intelligence-driven data mining tools to target the distribution of MedTalks Videos.

Our artificial intelligence driven data mining enables us to target the distribution of your MedTalks video based on factors including your industry, sector, location and your specific business and financial objectives.


We can also utilize our AI tools to identify individuals who are, involved with, or interested in:

  • Medical devices

  • Medical imaging

  • Family office, private equity, venture capital, strategic and high-net-worth investors interested in life sciences, biotech, healthcare, and healthcare IT companies

  • Cardiovascular devices

  • Ophthalmology and optometry devices

  • Imaging

  • Robotics

  • Implantable devices

  • Manufacturing 

  • Research and development

  • Branding, marketing, and sales

  • Medical device distribution

  • Medical device engineering

  • Quality control

  • Engineering

  • Clinical specialists

  • Medical professionals including physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, residents, and researchers

  • Hospital, clinical, and research equipment, supplies, and services purchasers

  • Telemedicine

  • Healthcare information technology

  • Pre clinical and clinical pharmaceutical companies

  • Financings or investments in life science and healthcare companies

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