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Featuring video interviews with senior management of life sciences and healthcare companies, who have financial and/or business objectives and opportunities, and conversations with industry influentials.

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Whether you're a potential strategic partner, an investor, a potential customer, a researcher, industry participant, or interested in life science and healthcare companies, check out our MedTalks videos.

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Welcome to Medical and Pharma Insider

Medical and Pharma Insider MedTalks videos enable you to view  conversations with management of medical, healthcare, pharma, telemedicine, biotech, medical device, and biopharma companies.  

Featured companies include start-up, early-stage, growing, and middle-market companies, and subsidiaries or divisions of major companies.

View our MedTalks videos to learn about the business or financial objectives of our featured companies, which can be business or financial opportunities for you. Whether you're in the industry, a potential strategic partner, an investor, a researcher, a medical practioner, or a patient, we're sure you'll find our MedTalks Videos of interest. 

Business and financial objectives of featured companies include;

  • Exposure to potential customers for products, services, technology, research, or development activities

  • Obtaining strategic or financial partners for research, development , marketing or distribution

  • Generating exposure for news, including using our video interview format to further explain recent company news or developments, and the implication of the news on the company's future

  • Announcing new products, services, or technology

Industry News
  • Life science and healthcare transactions and financings

  • Pre-clinical and clinical activities

  • Product launches

  • New technology, products or services


Industry News is a paid service. 

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Friedland's Corner Videos 

Featuring Jeffrey Friedland's commentaries, opinions, and predictions

Empowered Patient Podcasts
A Recent Podcast: 
Now in its 7th year Empowered Patient Podcasts highlight a wide variety of c-level guests to discuss advancements in:
pplied genetics

  • Medical devices

  • Immunotherapy

  • Neuroscience

  • Regenerative medicine

  • CNS

  • Oncology

  • Gastrointestinal

  • Addiction

  • Rare diseases

  • Patient advocacy

  • Population health

  • COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics

  • AI-enabled health solutions

  • Digital health
  • Precision medicine
  • Investment trends in biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals.  
Consulting and Advisory Services

With decades of experience in enabling start-up, early-stage and growing companies achieve their business and financial objectives, we also provide consulting and advisory services.

These are provided in conjunction with our parent company, FC Global Strategies LLC, with Jeffrey Friedland, our CEO, taking the lead on providing the services.

These services are typically focused on corporate finance, business development, marketing,  and product launch strategies.

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Jeffrey Friedland as a panelist at a conference in Tel Aviv.JPG

Jeffrey Friedland (far right) as a panelist at a Bloomberg sponsored event in London.

Jeffrey Friedland (second from left) as a panelist at a conference in Tel Aviv.

Jeffrey Friedland at Family Office event.JPG
Jeffrey Friedland in Beijing.JPG

Jeffrey Friedland (far left) as a panelist at a family office event in New York City.

Jeffrey Friedland in Beijing celebrating the US stock marketing listing of a Chinese company.

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