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Medical and Pharma Insider videos provide an opportunity for you to view video interviews with management of medical, healthcare, pharma, and biopharma companies.  

These interviews include management of start-up, early-stage, growing, middle-market companies, and subsidiaries or divisions of major companies.

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Recent Medical and Pharma Insider Videos

Jim Hutchens of Imagin Medical, and an introduction to the company's

i/Blue Imaging System 

Richard Schumacher, CEO

Pressure BioSciences

Jim Morrison, Former President


Robert Davidson, CEO

Cure Pharmaceutical 

Recent Friedland's Corner Videos

Industry commentaries, opinions and the implications of industry news by Jeffrey Friedland, CEO of FC Global Strategies.

"Why Sanofi's studying acquisitions of biotech companies means for other pharma companies."

Recent Industry News


Pressure BioSciences Awarded Pivotal U.S. Patent for Novel, High Pressure Enhanced Consumable Device

New Patent Secures and Protects Company’s Control Over Its Best Selling PCT Sample Preparation Consumable Product, the PCT MicroPestle

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Zosano Pharma Announces Partnership Agreement with EVERSANA to Support the Launch and Commercialization of Qtrypta™

Qtrypta is Zosano’s transdermal microneedle product candidate for the acute treatment of migraine. 

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Biohaven and Royalty Pharma Announce Funding Agreement Totaling up to $450 Million

Biohaven will receive up to $250 million to fund zavegepant's development in migraine and non-migraine indications

- Royalty Pharma to acquire up to a 3% royalty for zavegepant, a 0.4% royalty of Nurtec™ ODT and success-based milestone payments

- Royalty Pharma will purchase new Commercial Launch Preferred Equity from Biohaven for a total of $200 million payable between 2021 and 2024, providing additional funding for its CGRP-targeting franchise

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PMV Pharma Closes $70 Million in Series D Financing

The proceeds will be used to advance PMV Pharma’s p53 product candidates.  p53 is a tumor suppressor protein, and the wild type, or normal, p53 protein plays a pivotal role in the body’s natural defense mechanism against cancer and induces a highly organized program of cellular death to prevent the proliferation of potentially cancerous cells.

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MediPines Wins Prestigious Pediatric Medical Device Competition Focused on COVID-19-Related Technologies

The MediPines Gas Exchange Monitor, AGM100®, is a respiratory monitoring system used to rapidly and non-invasively assess a patient's respiratory status. It is the first portable monitoring system of its kind to integrate a comprehensive set of critical parameters and respiratory measurements analyzed from two-minute samples of patient's normal breathing.

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July 28, 2020 - What Sanofi's seeking biotech acquisitions means for the entire pharma industry

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